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STO | 百年企業 沿革

1835    Cement and lime factory Weizen
1936    Acquisition of the factory by Wilhelm Stotmeister
1955    Ispo-Putz KG Stotmeister & Co.
1962    Stotmeister & Co. KG
1972    Foundation of the subsidiary Stotmeister AG in Switzerland
1979    A subsidiary established in Sweden
1980    Commencement of participation in Servibat S.à.r.l., France
1983    Sto Ges.m.b.H. established in Austria
1987    Sto Scandinavia AB established in Sweden
1988    Stotmeister GmbH converted into Sto AG and all subsidiaries incorporated into Sto AG

1994    Associated company with Inotec GmbH Waldshut-Tiengen
1996    StoCretec becomes independent subsidary Sto Sp. z o.o. established in Poland
1998    Construction of the factory Tollwitz near Leipzig
1999    Interest acquired in Sto Ltd. in Great Britain
2000    Takeover of Shanghai Dinova Ltd., China as 100% Subsidiary
2001    Acquisition of majority shareholding in ispo GmbH, Kriftel
2002    Complete takeover of ispo GmbH, Kriftel